SECO Energy Donates Bucket Truck to LSSC’s Energy Programs

SECO Energy donated a bucket truck to the LSSC Foundation for LSSC’s Energy Programs yesterday, affording students in the Electrical Distribution Technology program a new level of real-world training.

“Over a decade ago, SECO Energy recognized a private/public partnership potential with Lake-Sumter State College to train an important part of our workforce. SECO helped finance the inception of the college’s electric utility lineworker program, from which a number of our employees graduated,” said Jim Duncan, CEO of SECO.

Steve Balius, SECO’s Manager of Safety & Risk Management, led the donation effort when he learned that SECO was retiring a bucket truck from its fleet. Balius is also the Chair of LSSC’s Engineering Technology Advisory Committee and a member of the Electrical Distribution Technology Advisory Committee.

“We are excited to receive this bucket truck donation from SECO,” said LSSC President Dr. Stan Sidor. “SECO is a strong local partner and this partnership allows us to enhance our EDT program’s ability to train and prepare our students and ultimately support the workforce and our community.”

“This truck is especially important for our student’s training experience because of the material handler feature that replicates the truck equipment they will see out in the field,” said Bob Seigworth, director and program manager of LSSC’s Energy Technology Programs.

The material handler provides additional benefits over the traditional bucket truck, including the ability to handle cargo in addition to personnel. The use of the material handler bucket truck increases crew productivity and safety, and has become the primary method of installing transformers and other pole top equipment.

“It is our pleasure to contribute again to the Lake Sumter State College’s program by donating this bucket truck,” said Duncan. “It will provide hands-on, real-life experience to students earning their Associates of Science in Electrical Distribution Technology. This program helps SECO too. Line techs who have been with the company for 30 plus years are starting to retire. We want to replace them with local students who want to stay in the area, work for a competitive growing company and raise their families here. For that reason, we felt that breathing new life into our partnership with Lake-Sumter State College with the truck donation was a sound investment.”

“We were pleased to facilitate this generous gift on behalf of the College’s Energy Programs,” said Dr. Laura Byrd, LSSC associate VP of institutional advancement and executive director of the LSSC Foundation. “All of our work is focused on supporting our students and their learning experiences at Lake-Sumter State College.”



Dr. Laura Byrd (right) and Dr. Stan Sidor (left) pose for a photo with SECO CEO Jim Duncan (center) as they transfer ownership of the bucket truck to the LSSC Foundation.


LSSC’s material handler bucket truck donated by SECO Energy.

Bob Seigworth, Director & Program Manager of Energy Programs, in the cab of the new truck.