College awards pay increases and competitive adjustments

The District Board of Trustees has approved a compensation plan to provide a 2% base salary increase to full-time faculty and full- and part-time staff, faculty salary compression adjustments, and additional increases to staff pending a regional wage study.

At its meeting today, the Board recognized the value and dedication of Lake-Sumter State College employees for
their role in elevating and maintaining the College’s high-performing status.

“Over the last two years, the College has identified opportunities to streamline expenses and increase revenue
amid increasing operational costs and decreasing funds,” said Dr. Stanley Sidor, LSSC President. “We are pleased to make these strategic investments in our employees to reward them for their dedication to our students and their success.”

In addition, the College has implemented an internal promotion process that allows employees to move into higher skilled and higher paying positions as they become available. These changes and improvements are necessary to recruit and retain highly qualified employees.

“As we move forward with our new strategic plan, I am committed to continuing to work with our faculty and
staff to increase the services that we provide to the students and communities of Lake and Sumter Counties,” said