LSSC Alumni Graduate from Relay Technician Boot Camp (l-r) Kylor Stumbo; Jared Squire

The summer camp is hosted by Power Grid Engineering LLC.

Through this partnership between PGE & LSSC, entry-level electrical engineers have the opportunity to receive hands-on training that focuses on protection and control design in the utility industry.

“Our vision was to make an investment into these employees that would increase the learning curve and therefore decrease the time to achieve a high level of productivity on our projects,” said PGE President, Michael J. Wright.

PGE’s goal is to bridge the generation gap in the high-demand field of engineering.

LSSC alumni , Jared Squire and Kylor Stumbo, graduated from the camp Friday, August 30.

During his time at LSSC, Jared Squire completed an internship to gain field experience, which led him to become a Relay Field Technician. Squire says he decided to join PGE after hearing about their excellent reputation from LSSC, peers and personal observation.

Kyle Stumbo, an Engineering Technology graduate, says his goal was to become more confident as a service technician.

“My biggest takeaway has been the in-depth concepts on differential relaying and the amount of theory that’s involved,” said Stumbo.

Both Squire and Stumbo have the chance of full-time employment with Power Grid Engineering LLC.