Results from Fall Student Survey & Planning for Spring 2021

This message was sent as an email to all currently enrolled students on December 9, 2020.

During the fall semester, Lake-Sumter State College conducted a survey of currently enrolled students to understand students satisfaction with the remote learning environment and identify trends or preferences for the spring semester.

Your feedback and participation has been vital to this process. Here are the key findings from your feedback:

Based on the feedback and preferences in the survey, we have made changes for Spring 2021 and continuing to work toward other improvements to the student experience.

Student & Academic Support Services in Spring 2021

In Spring 2021, we will continue to offer both online and on-campus services for students to choose what works best for their schedule and situation. This flexibility was something that was mentioned as a positive experience in the fall semester.

We also continue to evaluate and streamline our processes and remove barriers or frustrations, where possible.

As services plan their Spring 2021 hours, they will strive to meet the varied schedules of busy students and consider course times and active student participation times in the fall semester.

Course Delivery Methods for Spring 2021

In Summer 2020, we implemented a new course delivery model of real-time online that has required online meeting times. In the survey, students indicated that their overall preferred course delivery method was traditional online. However, when making decisions by specific courses, there are strong preferences for science and math courses to be offered as fully seated.

Based on this information, science and math courses were prioritized for on-campus delivery and, as appropriate, the number of traditional online courses was increased.

For Spring 2021, the breakdown of courses delivery methods is:

  • 40% Traditional Online
  • 35% Real-Time Online
  • 15% Hybrid
  • 10% Fully Seated

On-Campus Zoom Lounges

Beginning in Spring 2021, we will begin offering dedicated spaces for students to work or study between classes or attend a real-time online course. The Zoom lounges will be setup for individual study and offer another option for students who may prefer to work on their coursework on campus or need a more reliable internet connection.

More details on these lounges will be provided at a later time.

Variances in Course Setup

As we continue to offer more online courses, LSSC is encouraging its instructors to complete a Quality Matters certification for their course. Quality Matters is a peer-reviewed process to ensure that a certified course is intentionally designed to focus on student learning outcomes.

Since Spring 2020, the number of Quality Matters certified courses has increased from 8% to 15%.

LSSC continues to offer instructors access to training for Canvas, Zoom, and other online learning tools. Faculty and staff work groups have been established to test and share best practices with online learning tools.

Students also have access to training and support for Canvas and Zoom from LSSC.

Online Test Proctoring/Honorlock

Academic integrity is essential to the learning environment – both on campus and online. In the transition to online learning, LSSC implemented Honorlock to support online, proctored testing. Students provided feedback that Honorlock has some issues that impact the testing or course experience. In Spring 2021, we are piloting a different online proctoring platform in select classes while we review all the available platform options.

Campus Wi-Fi Improvements

LSSC is currently undergoing an improvement to its campus Wi-Fi to offer improved connectivity and speeds. In addition to bolstering connections within campus buildings, outdoor Wi-Fi antennas will be installed across campus that will provide access to Wi-Fi in outdoor spaces and parking lots.

More information on outdoor Wi-Fi availability will be posted at in January 2021.