Six corrections officers complete LSSC Corrections Leadership Academy in Spring 2021

Six corrections officers in Central Florida have completed the Corrections Leadership Academy this spring. They are the second cohort of students to complete the program.

Both the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office sent corrections officers to participate in the Corrections Leadership Academy, which is a cohort-based professional development program established by LSSC in coordination with FDC to fill a training need in the local workforce.

“This program provides our staff with enhanced skills that enable them to maximize their promotion potential,” said Matt Sumner, Assistant Warden, Sumter Correctional Institution.

The program consists of 15 hours of college credit and offers aspiring and current correctional professionals opportunities for growth in their careers, including promotions and salary increases.

“Many students interviewed have said that the courses were more challenging than they originally anticipated, but that they truly enjoyed the experience,” said Greg Bridgeman, LSSC criminal justice program manager. “The students say they feel better equipped to work successfully in a career in corrections after completing the program.”

“Students surveyed advised that they have increased their knowledge base, gained confidence, and have even changed how they think critically about correctional situations,” said Sumner.

Aspiring or current correctional professionals interesting in participating in the program should visit or contact the program manager, Greg Bridgeman.