LSSC launches new DegreeWorks tool just in time for Spring Registration

Today, we are excited to announce that the NEW DegreeWorks is now available in myLSSC! DegreeWorks is our degree audit tool, which helps you track your progress toward completing your degree and program. DegreeWorks is a useful tool for checking your degree requirements and planning your Spring class schedule. Don’t forget to connect with your academic advisor for help with choosing the right courses.

Access DegreeWorks from myLSSC to See Your Degree Requirements

Look for the Student Resources card in myLSSC and Click DegreeWorks to access the full site for a detailed view of your degree/program requirements and whether you have fulfilled those requirements. If you have used our DegreeWorks in the past, we think that you will find the new DegreeWorks to be more user friendly and easier to review information.

If you have questions about any requirements in DegreeWorks, you should contact your academic advisor.

Access the New DegreeWorks Card on your myLSSC Dashboard

green button that says plus sign and Discover More

Scroll to the bottom of your myLSSC Dashboard and look for the green +Discover More button. Click that button and then find the Degree Progress card (they’re listed alphabetically). Click the ribbon in the upper right corner (highlighted in yellow below). This card will now show on your dashboard and show you an updated progress indicator toward your completion.

Sample card with partially filled circles show progress toward requirements and credits. Underneath is a 3.77 overall gpa.