Christine Boodhoo appreciates the value of education in advancing her career [Alumni Spotlight]

Lake-Sumter State College alumnus Christine Boodhoo knows it’s cliche but really does love helping her community through her career at the Groveland Police Department.

Boodhoo has called Lake County home since she was in the third grade and says her experience at LSSC helped broaden her experiences. But it wasn’t always an easy road. In 2012, Boodhoo withdrew from classes because of a circumstance in her family and she was working two jobs. She remained committed to her goals and returned to earn both an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree from LSSC.

Female student in police uniform and green graduation regalia standing with diploma and awards in front of Public Safety building
Detective Corporal Christine Boodhoo ’22 stands outside the Groveland Public Safety Complex.

Boodhoo appreciates the employees at LSSC for helping her stay on track toward her goals. “They were always so supportive and available whenever I needed them. It was nice to have a familiar face when I returned to campus.”

When she graduated in May 2022 with her bachelor’s degree, she also received the Order of the Lakehawk award.

“The Order of the Lakehawk is the most prestigious and significant honor that a student may receive at Lake-Sumter State College and up to five may be selected from each graduating class, “said Dr. Heather Bigard, LSSC President at May’s Commencement Ceremony. “This honor recognizes outstanding academic achievement, dedicated college involvement, and significant community service. Membership in the Order recognizes the very best of our student body and an enduring connection to the college.”

Boodhoo also attended the Law Enforcement Academy at Lake Technical College in 2015 before landing a job with Groveland PD. She’s now a detective and supervisor with the department.

Groveland Police Chief Shawn Ramsey has always encouraged Boodhoo and members of the department to advance their education and level up their skills.

“Continuing your education shows that you’re determined, motivated, and committed to growing as a person and a professional,” explains Boodhoo. “It shows that you’re able to balance your priorities, utilize your time management skills, and make hard decisions when needed.”

She also say that her classes and the discussions with the professors and her peers, many from local agencies across Lake and Sumter Counties, help broaden her perspectives as a law enforcement officer.

When asked what’s next for Boodhoo, she said she’s already planning to pursue a master’s degree in administration, leadership or human resources. She hopes to keep getting promoted first to sergeant then lieutenant and beyond.

Her advice for other students, and those who haven’t finished, is to “stay focused on your goals and don’t give up.”