Achieving Excellence: Strategies in Success for LSSC’s Nursing Program

At Lake-Sumter State College (LSSC), our unwavering commitment to excellence in nursing education sets us apart. We firmly believe that becoming a registered nurse is a remarkable journey that requires dedication and hard work. That’s why our nursing program shines brightly, consistently surpassing state and national averages in NCLEX licensing exam pass rates. As Dr. Christine Ramos, one of our esteemed faculty members, proudly states, “At Lake-Sumter State College, we are very fortunate to have maintained excellent first-time NCLEX-RN pass rates in our ASN program for the past several years, exceeding both State and National averages.” 

LSSC ASN Nursing Program Director, Dr. Christine Ramos, speaks to the nursing graduates at the 2023 Nurse Pinning and Candlelight Ceremony
LSSC ASN Nursing Program Director, Dr. Christine Ramos, speaks to the nursing graduates at the 2023 Nurse Pinning and Candlelight Ceremony

Our meticulously crafted evidence-based curriculum, designed by our esteemed faculty members, is at the core of our success. This curriculum not only imparts essential knowledge but also equips students with the practical skills they need to thrive in their nursing careers. We foster an engaging learning environment through innovative teaching methods, interactive discussions, and exhilarating hands-on activities, ensuring our students are well-prepared to conquer the challenges of the healthcare industry head-on. 

We understand that each student has unique academic and clinical needs, which is why our faculty members provide individualized support throughout the program. Our dedicated student success coordinator (SSC) offers personalized sessions, guiding students on test-taking strategies, study techniques, and even lifestyle recommendations to promote their overall well-being. We are committed to nurturing their academic growth and personal development, making their journey a truly transformative experience. 

Communication, collaboration, and teamwork are the pillars of our nursing program. By partnering with college-wide resources, we comprehensively address our students’ needs. This collaborative approach sets the stage for our consistently outstanding NCLEX pass rates, which skyrocketed to a remarkable 97.6% in 2022, far surpassing the state average of 63.9%. The phenomenal success of our students is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our exceptional faculty and staff. 

The success of LSSC’s program receives recognition on the statewide level, as well. Recently, Dr. Christine Ramos, Director of the LSSC AS Nursing Program, and Colleen Carter, MSN, RN, CNE, were invited to present to the Credentials B/Education Committee about their formula for NCLEX-RN success with their students. 

In Spring 2023, Mr. David Hidalgo, member of the LSSC District Board of Trustees and an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse – Certified Nurse Anesthetist (APRN-CRNA), invited his colleague Dr. Jose Castillo III, Chair of the Florida Board of Nursing to be the keynote speaker at the College’s May 2023 Pinning and Candle Lighting Ceremony.
“I was honored and did not know what to expect,” says Castillo. “It was most heartwarming to see the graduates’ school pride and love for their alma mater, especially their love and respect for all nursing faculty. From these experiences, I invited Dr. Christine Ramos to present to the FL-BON about their formula for NCLEX-RN success with their students.”

Dr. Jose Castillo III addresses LSSC nursing graduates at the Spring 2023 Nurse Pinning and Candlelight Ceremony

“The presentation was very well received, mainly because it focused on the relationship and connections with the students from day one in their training to become a nurse,” said Dr. Jose Castillo III, Chair of the Florida Board of Nursing (FL-BON). “The emphasis that each student is unique and possesses different needs is a passion of mine with diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. It indeed shows how vested LSSC is in the future of our nursing profession and their commitment aligned to the mission of FL-BON, which is to protect the public and promote safety among healthcare practitioners.” 

But our dedication to excellence isn’t the only thing that sets LSSC apart from its peers. We go above and beyond with our Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) program, offering students one-on-one mentorship and invaluable hands-on experiences. This exceptional program fosters profound connections between students and seasoned healthcare professionals, empowering them to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios and truly ignite their passion for nursing. 

“The difference with the DEU is that you’re assigned a specific nurse that you see each and every day,” said Dr. Jessica Shearer, LSSC’s dean of Allied Health. “The idea is to get comfortable with that nurse and … that facility and the culture – and be able to go into the workforce with little trepidation.” 

Lake-Sumter State College’s nursing program inspires students to strive for excellence, empowering them to make a lasting impact in the field of healthcare. Our evidence-based curriculum, engaging learning environment, individualized support, and collaborative approach lay a solid foundation for their success. With remarkable NCLEX pass rates and an innovative DEU program, we remain steadfast in our commitment to student achievement and the future of nursing. By empowering our students to surpass expectations and achieve their full potential, we are shaping the next generation of nursing professionals who will revolutionize the world of healthcare. 

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