Cybersecurity Notice – Data Breach at National Student Clearinghouse

Lake-Sumter State College has received notice from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) of a cybersecurity issue.

This is a summary of that notice:

The National Student Clearinghouse is notifying colleges of a cybersecurity issue related to a security vulnerability in the MOVEit Transfer tool, used by the Clearinghouse and many other organizations to transfer data files. Unauthorized actors discovered a vulnerability in the software that could allow unauthorized access to transferred files. The Clearinghouse has taken immediate action, including implementing patches and working with cybersecurity experts. NSC believes that certain files containing personal data maintained by the Clearinghouse on behalf of your organization may have been accessed by an unauthorized party. The Clearinghouse is conducting a review of the affected files and will provide additional information on the impact, including a list of individuals and the types of data affected.

Lake-Sumter State College systems remain unaffected by this event directly. However, LSSC shares student enrollment data with the National Student Clearinghouse. Some of the data shared with NSC includes personally identifiable information such as social security numbers and dates of birth.

Impact of Breach

It is currently not known if or how many records were accessed.


LSSC has been informed by the National Student Clearinghouse that they have taken measures to protect their systems, including applying the MOVEit security patch. NSC will continue to protect the security and data of their systems.

Lake-Sumter State College is actively monitoring this situation and is prepared to swiftly address any concerns that may arise. We remain committed to thoroughly assessing any potential impacts to LSSC students and alumni.

We will continue to gather information and provide relevant updates as available.