Credit by Exam

Submit Request

  • Students must submit a request for Credit by Exam form to Learning Center
  • If approved, students will then need to register by the semester’s due date to take Credit by Exam

Register at the Leesburg Campus Testing Center

Register at the South Lake Campus Testing Center

Register at the Sumter Campus Testing Center

Approved Requests

  • After students register and pay (link below), the Testing Center will provide the testing information (time, room, and date of exam)
  • Credit by Exams are given a week before the term starts. (Fall, Spring, and Summer).  
  • Students will receive a study guide when registered (if available).

Day of Test

  • Students must present test printed registration form, receipt of testing payment, valid photo ID on day of testing.
  • Students must arrive 15 minutes before testing time to the testing location.
  • Students will not be allowed to enter testing lab if they arrive late

Post Test

Students must contact instructor for test results.

Course Credits Course Title Instructor
ACG 2021 3 Financial Accounting Clark, J.
CGS 1100 3 Business Comp. Appl. Johnson, J.
HIM 2012 2 Medico-legal Aspects of Records Ziesemer, B.
HIM 1430 3 Concepts of Disease Ziesemer, B.
HIM 2442 1 Pharmacology & Laboratory Analysis Ziesemer, B.
HSC 1531 3 Medical Terminology Ziesemer, B.

Credit by Exam testing fee is $25 per credit hour.