Lake-Sumter State College is committed to ensuring that all students receive access to a fair, equitable and timely grievance process without retaliation. LSCC seeks to maintain clear pathways for students who wish to lodge complaints or pursue grievances and appeals.  To provide these pathways, the College maintains a responsive system designed to address and resolve student complaints.

The student grievance resolution process includes:

  1. Informal Complaints
  2. Formal Complaints/Grievances
  3. Appeals

Students have the right to appeal administrative decisions and are encouraged to use available informal means in the resolution of the complaint prior to filing a formal complaint or grievance. If the matter cannot be resolved through the informal process as shown in the LSSC Resolution of Student Grievances/Complaints chart in the LSSC Catalog and Student Handbook, the student may elect to proceed through a formal written process through the Administrative Appeals process.

LSSC permits four types of written administrative appeal requests including student requests for late withdrawal, administrative drop/refund, a waiver to avoid the full cost of instruction of a third attempt, and a fourth course attempt.