Co-requisite or pre-requisite error: you are missing a co-requisite or pre-requisite for the course. In order to solve a co-requisite courses you will have to register for courses that must be taken at the same time. For example, registration must occur for NUR 2601 and NUR 2601L at the same time.
To solve a pre-requisite error, you must register for the prerequisite for the earliest term and the second course in the preceding term. For example, you must first register for BSC 1010C for the summer term, and then add BSC1011C for the fall term.
Maximum hours exceeded error: This means you have exceeded the maximum credit hours you are eligible to register for (18 credit hours for Fall and Spring terms; 13 credit hours for the Summer term)
Time conflict error: The system tells you which class you are already registered for that is causing the time conflict.