Students may file an academic progress appeal when they do not meet renewal requirements due to a verifiable illness or emergency beyond a student’s control, or to include other courses not already included in the GPA. Completed appeals with all supporting documentation must be submitted by August 30th of the same year following denial notification from OSFA.

Students will be notified by email of the appeal decision. All appeal decisions made by the Financial Aid Office are final.

For Illness or Emergency Students must:

  • Submit a Bright Futures Appeal Form 
  • Provide a written statement of the circumstances of the illness or emergencies and its impact on the student’s performance, and documentation of the circumstances such as physician’s statement, accident report, or other pertinent reports. A parent(s) written statement, without further documentation, is not sufficient documentation.

For GPA Calculation Students Must:

  • Submit a Bright Futures Appeal Form 
  • Submit an official transcript(s) from the previously attended postsecondary institution(s), if applicable.