LSSC is currently offering certification testing to all students by appointment. 

Make an Appointment

Students must schedule an appointment for the test a minimum of 3 days prior to their intended test day.

Register at the Leesburg Campus Testing Center

Register at the South Lake Campus Testing Center

Register at the Sumter Campus Testing Center

  • Non-LSSC students must create an account at and select LSSC as the testing site. 

After Scheduling

After scheduling their test, students must contact the testing office to order the appropriate exams and pay any related fees.

  • Leesburg Campus Testing Manager, Iona Bowers – or 352-435-5009 
  • South Lake Campus Testing Coordinator, Michael Poole – or 352-536-2223 
  • Workforce Programs, Ebony Neal – or 352-365-3552 

Day of Test 

  • Students must check in at the Testing Center at least 15 minutes before testing time. 
  • Students must present a valid photo ID.
  • Students must sign and date the test authorization form. 
  • Students must raise hand when test is completed and the proctor will dismiss student. 
  • Student must dispose all scratch paper/pencil in the trash can prior to exiting the testing lab. 
  • No personal items or belongings are allowed in the testing lab.  Only bring the necessary items needed.

MSSC Test Late Policy 

  • If a student is less than 30 minutes late to their scheduled testing appointment, the student will be permitted to complete their test using only the remaining appointment time. 
  • If a student is more than 30 minutes late to their scheduled testing appointment, the student must contact the testing proctor to reschedule their test. 

Post Test 

  • Students will receive a copy of their test results, if available. 
  • Students will exit the building when all testing is completed.