Student Accessibility Services

Due to hybrid and online classes, the majority of tests can be taken from the comfort and safety of the student’s home in an online format. 

Additional Time Accommodation

  • Students should complete the Instructor Notification Letter (INL) request to ensure that their instructor is notified of their accommodations.
  • Students should contact their instructor during the first week of classes to confirm that the accommodation for additional time has been adjusted in Canvas and ProctorU.

Distraction Reduced Setting Accommodation

  • Students are responsible for finding a quiet place to test at home.

Other Testing Accommodations

Students who have any other testing accommodations (such as a screen reader or scribe, etc.) will need to follow the directions listed below to request to take a test at the testing center or with an online proctor depending on their needs and availability.

Student Submits Request to Student Accessibility Services

  • The student submits a Testing Request Form to Student Accessibility Services at least 5 business days before test date.

Student Accessibility Services’ Responsibility

  • Student Accessibility Services notifies the instructor of the student’s request to use accommodated testing.
  • The instructor forwards a copy of the test and the completed test request form via SAS Office
  • Student Accessibility Services distributes the test with specific instructions to the appropriate Testing Services staff.

Day of Test

  • Students must present valid photo ID on day of testing.
  • Students must complete the test and return all test materials to proctor.
  • Students will not be allowed to enter testing lab if they arrive late.

Post Test

  • Proctor scans completed test and sends it within 24 hours back to instructor via Canvas.
  • Testing staff will hold hard copy of tests in file until the end of semester.

Contact Information for SAS: